The Interviews

Tony Blackburn and I first worked together in 1967, then again when Tony presented the Classic Gold Breakfast Show under my Chairmanship. Finally when I persuaded Radio 2 that Tony should take over their long running “Pick of the Pops’ series.

David Rodigan was (quite literally) working in a record shop when I asked him to join Capital Radio. David’s Reggae show proved hugely popular and led on to what became a truly international career.

When producing Johnnie Walker’s Radio One Show for a few weeks in 1975, I tried in vain to persuade him to play the Bay City Rollers. In spite of that JW still asked me to help produce the demo that won him his KSAN job in the USA.

John Inverdale is as comfortable with his love and knowledge of music as he is with sports. I invited him to join the Sony Awards Committee where his love of radio proved an invaluable asset.

Paul Gambaccini and I have worked together since 1988 when I invited him to host the annual ‘Ivors” award show. Subsequently we collaborated on the Sony Radio Awards and on what was then known as the ‘Man of the Year’ show. This interview was recorded prior to Paul’s Yewtree harassment.

Simon Bates conducted my first ever radio interview. The year was 1973, the network was Radio Two and the subject was my upcoming 26 part radio series ‘The Story of Pop’ .


Ken Bruce has grown his audience consistently over the Radio 2  years and as a huge fan of Ken’s Pop Master Quiz, I couldn’t resist the chance to indulge in a one to one Ken Bruce conversation

In 1994 Alan Freeman gave me an extended interview for archival purposes. It was conducted in my home studio in Camden Town and this file includes a much shortened version of the original.

                 Some of these interviews have also appeared on the Radio Academy web site

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